Improving your child photography: one simple idea

Child photography lessons and tips

For Easter, when I’m sure you’ll be taking many, many photographs of your children stuffing their faces with chocolate (and of the ensuing chaos), here’s a simple tip to get better images:

Get down on your knees. Or, if you have smaller children, onto your belly.

And that’s it. Get down to their level, and take the photograph as you would if you were their height. No special equipment, no change to the lighting. Just get down so that they are your equal. If you’ve been shooting them from your eye level, this will make a massive difference to how your images turn out.

(Bonus tip: wipe their faces and make them look clean before you start - unless you’re trying to capture the chocolate-all-over-the-face-look. It’s a lot easier than doing it in Photoshop…)

Photowalk in Chiswick. With yours truly...

Festive photos (for Easter...)