Festive photos (for Easter...)

Number two in a series of testimonials (to be continued, but I'll save some for another day...), this time from a last-minute in-office shoot for a business in New Malden. It was lovely to receive their Christmas card with one of my photographs front and centre. So here I am showing it off at Easter. Ho hum...

Very late, or early depending on which way you look at it, we came to Dan asking for a full set of corporate photos. This included over 80 different images of everyone in the team in various different poses. When we asked Dan what date he could have the images ready by, he gave us a date, to which we replied "can you do it in half that?"

Dan didn't only say yes but also delivered the high quality photos on time and touched up to perfection.

I will continue to recommend Dan to all of my clients and contacts and will be using him for all future crazy late ideas.

(I hope he means photography ideas, but you never know...)

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