Welcome to DKClarke Photography

Unless you are a model - or a show-off - standing in front of a camera can be a stressful experience. Why do you think we hide on the other side? But… We are passionate about making you look amazing. And no matter how little you want your photograph taken, we have the skills and secret photography witchcraft (patent pending) to work with you to create beautiful images that you’ll want to show off. And if you are a model - or a show-off - then we’ll turn it up a notch to leave you with images to make people speechless.*

There’s nothing scary - just drop us a line or give us a call, let us know what you’re looking for or why you need a photographer, and we’ll take care of everything. You just need to be you! We create stunning images that capture your emotion and personality, and that look and feel natural - we promise no stiff posing and forced smiles.

So if you’re getting married, want evidence that your family was in the same place for an hour, or need a headshot, your business website images updated or are hosting an event, we can help. Or maybe you just need an authoritative big brother style portrait to keep your family or employees in line. We won’t judge. Click on the links for more details and some of our images. And if you have a specific need, just ask; it won’t cost you anything and we might just be able to solve your (photographic) problem.

*literal silence not guaranteed

About Dan

You might think that a PhD in biochemistry, a few years of medical research and over 10 years’ experience in medical communications aren’t essential training for a photographer. You might be wrong.... This unusual background means that Dan can spot problems and solve them before they happen. He can also think up contingency plans on the fly better than the A-Team, so that his clients (that’s you) won’t even notice. Because on your wedding day, or when you are entertaining your staff at your summer party, or when your kids just won’t play ball, you still want the images of your dreams and you don’t want your photographer adding to the stress. Dan won’t, and you’ll have awesome photographs.

Dan lives with his wonderful family (they made him say this) in south west London, has been photographing for years, and wants to shoot you.