An Islington (and Smithfield) wedding

I’m a little late blogging this fine autumn wedding (what with its now being a dark, wet winter), but better late than never. And this was a more unusual location than some others I’ve done this year (not just because it was at the other end of London) - at least the reception was at an interesting spot.

The wedding itself was held at Islington Town Hall, which is a beautiful location with a fine circular chamber for the ceremony (and an amazing window for beautiful, bright backlit shots), 90 years to the day of the Hall’s official opening. But the reception had a different feel, being held at the fine St Bart’s Brewery in Smithfield. And although Smithfield is a meat market, it’s a great area for colour (as well as beautiful old City of London buildings).

But a wedding really isn’t about the locations. It’s about the people, and Emma & Paul seemed to be having the time of their lives, revelling in the occasion and determined to enjoy the party as much their guests. The father of the bride made an excellent speech, despite the best efforts of the technology to try and stymie his rhythm when he introduced his musical interludes. But the most remarkable thing I learned was that [mentioning no names] one member of the married couple apparently brushes their teeth by moving their head rather than the toothbrush… [It was the groom]

Congratulations Emma and Paul. It seemed like you had a blast (I know I did!)

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