The first free Chiswick Calendar Photowalk of 2016 - Saturday 19th March

The Boat Race. Only two teams - come and watch 358 more

Who doesn’t love the boat race (apart from the odd protester)? But it’s just two crews. And the same universities every time… Wouldn’t it be better to have 360 boats involved? And to go the other way? Why yes, it would.

So on 19th March, to coincide with the Head of the River Race, once again I’ll be teaming up with The Chiswick Calendar for a photowalk. And this time, it’ll be by the river when the aforementioned 360 or so boats will be racing.

So if you are interested in photography and want to learn a little more, come along for free. You don’t even have to like rowing. Although the race is a good reason to have the walk, there will be plenty of opportunity for other types of photography on our wanders. And practising shooting fast-moving boats is perfect training for other sports, children or animals that don’t stay still.

A slightly more regal rowing boat...

It’s a friendly, relaxed way to spend a couple of hours on a Saturday afternoon improving your photography, and it won’t cost you a thing. We’ll meet to coincide with the start of the race, and use the river as the focus of our walk for the next couple of hours.

Book your free place by emailing or by filling in the form here. And I’ll see you on the 19th.

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