Let sleeping dogs lie: a tip for brides and grooms

I always learn at least one new thing at every wedding I shoot, and I like to share that knowledge. So here’s a tip I learned at a recent wedding, and it serves as great - if niche - advice to all brides and grooms:

Make sure your ring bearer is not too tired to bring the rings to the bride and groom during the ceremony.

Now, this particular piece of advice is probably only relevant if you are using a dog that has had too much exercise (although it might also apply to small children). And the recommendation, if you don’t want someone to have to - literally - slide a sleeping dog across the floor to present the rings, is not to take the aforementioned pooch for an extra long walk on the morning of the wedding…

But I am delighted to say that this was the only hitch (apart from the one that was the whole point of the day) during Hanne and Lee’s lovely wedding at the Lexi Cinema in North London. And I’m sure the morning’s walk did both dog and groom plenty of good in the long term.

Do not overexercise anyone with a key role in the ceremony...

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