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Family photography in Hampton, London

In case you didn't know, Sunday 26th March is Mother's Day (here in the UK).

I was hoping to post something here with a nice photograph of me and my mum from many, many moons ago. Except, in the big box of old photos I 'borrowed' from my mum, I couldn't find one. (Well, not a decent one... See below the form!)

It was magical to go through old pictures with my daughter ("this one actually looks like you, daddy..."), but it was a shame I couldn't find a portrait of mum and me. [I'm sure there's one in the larger box of prints still in mum's attic, but that's not to hand!]

I don't want this to happen to my kids in 40 years, and I don't want it to happen to yours. So I'm offering a Mother's Day special for you:

A complimentary family photography session and framed print, just for filling in the form below

Sign up before Mother's Day and get a fun photoshoot and print. For free. Trust me, that picture on your phone will be gone in 40 years. A print will last.

  • Fathers - get the right present this year: this is better than chocolates (and cheaper too)

  • Mothers - sign up for yourself and get something you'll really treasure!

Me, my mum and my sister, circa 1983

Me, my mum and my sister, circa 1983

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