On your (new) bike...


Warning: use of the ‘C’ word (Christmas) below…

We have some very exciting news, although it does mean we will be mentioning Christmas in October. Honestly, we’re not happy about it either, but here we are… And it is something special that is making us break one of our life rules (and making us hate ourselves a little).

DKClarke Photography, the premier (obviously) photographers in Hampton, is teaming up with Birdie Bikes with a very special offer. For every Frog bike bought from Birdie Bikes from now until Christmas, we are offering an additional free gift (worth £225) – a special family photography session and framed print!

If you are buying a bike for a child this Christmas (or for any other reason between now and December 25th), there’s even more reason to choose the wonderful Birdie Bikes.

Birdie Bikes is one of the many fine independent retailers in Hampton. If you need advice, repairs, or a new bike, Birdie Bikes is without doubt the best place to go in SW London. And Frog Bikes are great – Dan Clarke, the DK Clarke of DKClarke Photography bought one for child #2 (from Birdie Bikes. At full price. No kickbacks or paid-for reviews here!) earlier this year, and it is brilliant.

So to get a double gift this year, go to Birdie Bikes (7 Wensleydale Rd, Hampton TW12 2LP, 020 8941 9397), buy a Frog Bike and get an extra present!

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