Star Man

Four star

Here's a thing... We are proud to announce that we have officially been awarded a 4-star rating by The Xperience (of which we are members).

The Xperience is dedicated to improving the quality of professional photography in the UK and Ireland, and their star rating is designed to show you, the consumer, the quality of our photography and experience in simple shorthand!

We're particularly pleased about this award because - although it is a 5-star rating system - we have achieved the maximum score we could. We hear the cogs whirring in your brain: it's a five star system and you have four stars. That leaves (counts fingers) one star missing.

Yes: your maths is correct. But hear us out... A five star rating is awarded only to those studios that can provide the consummate experience on every occasion. We are a location-based studio (or not studio, as it happens) - and try as we might, we can't control the weather!

Which means we are delighted to be a FOUR STAR studio. And, whatever the weather, and wherever we decide to shoot, we promise you a five-star experience.

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