Print. Print. Print. PRINT YOUR PICTURES…

One of my walls. With prints (and "stuff")

Today is world back-up day (I know: I forgot to send my mum a card to celebrate too…), which - apart from the fact that it’s a very (very very) bad idea to back-up only once a year - is a great chance for me to climb back on (one of) my (many) hobby horse(s) and rant. Again.

It is said (by dull computery types) that there are two types of people: those who backup their data, and those who have never had a hard drive fail. Your hard drive will fail. It’s not if it fails: it’s when. And if you haven’t backed up, it’s gone. Forever…

Not pretty. Definitely dull.  But with muchos redundancy.

So, as it is world back-up day, back-up your photos. Go on - do it now. I’ll wait. And by back-up, I mean make sure that you have three copies of anything that you don’t want to lose. And make sure that one of them is in a different location to the other two.

For example, if you have an irreplaceable digital photograph of a loved one, make sure it is on at least two hard drives and one cloud store (or a third hard drive at someone else’s house / office). (I use Backblaze.) Anything less than that and the file doesn’t exist.

Which is nice. But do you know what a tried and tested back-up is? Known to last for hundreds of years? Paper. As long as you don’t set fire to it or soak it, it’s pretty durable (it’s probably best to avoid direct sunlight as well). Either way, it won’t suddenly and inexplicably fail. Photographs from the mid 19th century still exist (and where are their digital images now, eh?). And - most importantly - it shows off your photographs as they are meant to be seen.

Large prints... Small prints... But visible prints.

So, after you’ve backed up your files, print your favourites. The bigger the better. And if you want the best, jaw-dropping quality, speak to me. I’m happy to help.

Now I’m off to print some of my favourite images.

El Presidente

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