The final testimonial that I found recently

I promise that this is the last of the infamous lost (read: misfiled) testimonials. It raises very important points about my clothes-related professionalism (the cheek...)!

Testimonial for professional headshot photography by DKClarke Photography

Just a very brief note to thank you for the very professional photography you did for me. It was all carried out seamlessly and in an expert way and thankfully I was allowed to keep my clothes on!!

Generally speaking, I do not photograph well, which will hardly come as a surprise to most people who know me, so I can be very fussy over end results. Even if you couldn't, despite hours of photo-retouching, make me look like George Clooney I was very impressed with the images.

I shall have no hesitation in recommending you to friends, family and clients.

What’s occurring?

Another tidy, another testimonial