Another tidy, another testimonial

As mentioned last month, there's a benefit to having a clear out. And yet again, a quick tidy up has unearthed some more paperwork that I really should have done something with last year.

But better late that never, especially when I get to have other people say nice things about me

Professional business headshots testimonial for DKClarke Photography

I wanted to say a big thank you for taking the portrait headshots last week. These will be used for our new corporate brochure that we will be using with our larger clients who purchase their office supplies through us.

I particularly liked the way that you relaxed me and took time to sho me the different lighting options that we could use. Anotehr great thing was that your camera sent the images straight to your laptop so we could immediately review the shots and retake where necessary.

All in all Dan [we] were finished in no time and got some great photos; once the brochure is printed I will send you one that you can add to your portfolio.

In the meantime I will have no hesitation in recommending you to both my business contacts and friends and family.

The final testimonial that I found recently

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