The benefits of tidying your office: testimonials

If ever there was a reason to tidy - especially if you moved in 6 months previous and still haven't found everything - here's one. I have found a bunch of testimonials that I haven't shared / shown off...

client testimonial - business headshot photography in west London

So here's the first of a few, thanks to the lovely legal eagle Rachel...

Thank you for the lovely headshot photographs you produced.

I had been meaning to get professional work photos for years bud just never gotten around to organising it.

Your headshot sessions mean I could visit your studio at a suitable time and not have to worry about losing too much of the day to have my pictures taken. During the session you made me feel very relaxed and I almost forgot I was having my photographs taken. Almost!

I was pleasantly syrprised and very pleased with the final photos; they were a nice blend of warmth and professionalism which is that I had been hoping for. Also, thank you for the range of photo's you provided.

I look forward to returning to you when I want to update my pictures as well as referring other people your way. Thank you!

More personal trumpet blowing to follow!

Another kind testimonial (let's ignore my delay in uploading it...)

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