Twickenham wedding number 2: York House (and the pub around the corner)

Twickenham wedding, York House
Twickenham wedding, at the pub

It’s definitely wedding season in Twickenham. (And why not - it’s got everything you need: beautiful churches; a registry office somewhat better than the usual portacabin; the river; pubs; an island; a massive stadium. Well, maybe not the last item, but if you really want to…) I’ve been lucky enough to shoot two already.

Twickenham wedding ring exchange

The first you can read about here, but the second was a somewhat different. This one was at the rather lovely York House (a great backdrop for a photoshoot), with a very relaxed couple. I could tell there was going to be a spark of something non-traditional when the bride told me - before the wedding - that they met when she dragged him half asleep from his seat in a bar and told him he was dancing with her.

And so it proved. With family flown in from Mumbai and Madrid for the occasion, it started like every other wedding, with the bride and groom (separately) a little nervous. But as soon as the kiss and the register signing was done it was definitely party time (it’s almost as if that was planned to be the best part of the day…)

Bride & groom at York House, Twickenham

Some group shots were done. Guests were dispatched to a nearby pub. The most natural set of bride and groom portraits were taken. We all decamped to the pub in the sunshine. We went to the reception on Eel Pie Island. And throughout the Cristina and Ram were completely untroubled by anything: they were married; they were surrounded by friends and family; they were happy, and nothing else mattered. And it showed. (And, for my part, it made the photography very easy!)

Twickenham wedding

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