By popular demand: business headshot mini-session

A headshot these days is a curious thing. Unless you are a model / actor, most are viewed at about an inch high on your social media profile or About Us web page. Maybe you think, ‘well, it’s only small. It’s not that important.’ But this might be the first impression that a future client or employer has of you, and first impressions are hard to change.

Professional business headshot photography

While a picture of you relaxing by the pool or in the bar is perfect for showing your Facebook friends how great your life is, it might not be the message you want to send to your business peers. And if you have spent a tidy sum of both time and effort creating your branding and website, how much is that undermined by a grainy, poorly lit, or unprofessional photograph?

Even LinkedIn highlights the importance of getting your headshot right - see here. They even go as far as to say “Typically, we’d recommend having a professional photographer take your headshot… On average, this will cost you between $200-$400.”

I bet that woke you up. How much??? But yes, this is a fair price for a professional headshot session. However, many people - especially small business owners and jobseekers - would see this as an expense too far.

So how’s this for an offer?

3 professional headshots for £40

It’s this simple: book one of my special studio sessions on Wednesday 20th May, which will be taking place at Personal Storage Acton. In your 10-minute slot, we’ll discuss the look you want and take the shots. I’ll process these and a few days later you’ll receive digital files, in both colour and black and white, that are perfect for your web (or printed) presence.

How to book or for more information: contact me on 07886 305288, or through the special form here to book your place. Hurry - these sessions are extremely popular and book up fast.

About Personal Storage Acton. I’m delighted to be teaming up with Personal Storage Acton (Stanley Gardens, London, W3 7SZ) to set up a studio for the day. In addition to the storage offerings you might expect, Personal Storage Acton are active in their local community, providing rehearsal and recording space for local bands, hosting cinema and live music events, and creating space for local businesses to do their thing - such as setting up a pop-up photographic studio! For your storage or similar needs, please contact:
Phone: 020 8740 1557

A face for business

Photographing Chiswick in the cold and grey