A face for business

You’ve had your graphic designer come up with 200 near-identical but subtly different versions of your logo. You’ve driven your website designer to madness with all the little tweaks to your page. You’ve spent hours preparing your copy and making sure it says precisely what you want. You’re ready to launch your new site. And you put on a photograph of you taken on your mobile phone. On holiday. Five years ago.

Are you mad?


All your effort to impress your prospective clients, wasted. Sure, your site looks professional. But you? You’re ready for a pina colada, not business. And that’s turning people off.

eBay will tell you that a good photograph can make you more money.

OK Cupid will tell you that a good photograph makes you more attractive.

LinkedIn will tell you that a good photograph is essential to convey (what they call) your personal brand.

In short, your bad photograph is turning your clients off.

Obviously hiring a photographer is more expensive than using an old selfie. But if that selfie is costing you potential customers, having a professional photograph is going to pay you back in more ways than one.

At the very least, get a competent friend to take your photograph (not just the one with the nicest camera; one that understands light and how to use it to flatter you - remember, the flash adds seven years to your age!).

And if you want something to really stand out, I’m happy to help. Click here to contact me about my headshot (or other business) services. I can set up my studio in your office or at a studio space local to you, or - if you need something smaller - book you into one of my regular headshot mini-sessions. You’ll see the difference, and so will your potential clients.

Kicking it old school

By popular demand: business headshot mini-session