Bye bye Barnes

Bye bye Barnes

I shall miss this view...

Happy 2015! And exciting this are going to happen. Over the next week or two (I can’t promise too much; as you will see below, it’s going to be a busy and itinerant couple of weeks) I will be offering you: an update on the website pages (hint: a wedding page is coming!), new photographs (honestly) and more seemingly random words tumbling onto this blog.

But first, we are moving. We’re going all the way from SW13 to TW12. That’s only one letter and one digit different. And only about 20 minutes down the road (but not in rush hour; then all bets are off).

So, nothing is going to really change in where we are and how we can help you. But it does mean that equipment and all that will be moved, so emails may take a little longer to be answered. But they will be. (And you can always call if you need to speak to me urgently.)

So, until I can next find some time to write and an internet connection to send it, enjoy the new year…

Hello Hampton!

I'm back, baby