I'm back, baby

Hello. It's been a while. So long, in fact, that I'd removed the blog page from my website to avoid the embarrassment of not having updated it for aeons.

That's all going to change. At least, that's the plan.

Why now? Because I'm in the middle of a really exciting rebrand (look in the bottom left-hand corner. It's an updated logo. In a pretty colour and everything), and with that a new leaf. More social. More images on the website. More blah. And it's coming soon.

So I plan to blog once a week (if not more), and even update my Facebook page. And send some tweets with a little more regularity (and/or focus).

But baby steps. November is a busy and exciting month. There's some business headshots with a twist, a nursery formal shoot, some basic videography (with a little help from my friends) among others. And an exciting offer to be unveiled (hint for earlybirds - the first three weddings I book for 2015 will have a massive 40% off).

So check back soon for more. You never know. There might be something interesting to read...

Bye bye Barnes

Bye bye Barnes