Whereupon travelling around Twickenham becomes even more awkward

Apparently something is kicking off in Twickenham tonight that means my travels plans (heaving trains, closed A316…) are going to be screwed for the next 6 weeks or so. You’d have thought it would have been advertised somewhere.

I obviously know all about this rugby thing. (Not playing of course; I’m way too skinny and easily knocked over, and I’m old enough that a football match each week is enough to leave me unable to walk properly for the next few days.) I know so much about the rugby world cup, in fact, that I know how much the trophy weighs (7kg, for the record). Actually, that’s all I remember about it, from the photoshoot I did with it in Teddington last week. (Note that the trophy itself didn’t tell me this. Nor did I quickly hang it on my handheld luggage scales. One of its many, many minders was telling the schoolchildren all about it.)

A very shiny prize

A very shiny prize

But apart from its weight, the trophy itself was ridiculously shiny (see picture), although I do wonder what state it comes back in the morning after the final once a group of 30 or so burly men have dragged it from pub to pub in celebration. (Shades of this?)

Still, I’m looking forward to some armchair enjoyment of the World Cup (and taunting of the Welsh in-laws*). And transport delays.

*Subject to humiliating climbdown next Saturday night

On-location studio? No problem

I don’t like my photo…