**** is a four-letter word

When I’m chatting to people about their photoshoot, one of the most common things I hear is:

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“I don’t like posed photos.”

Which is odd, when you think about it, because the alternative is me following you around taking pictures while you are doing other things. And while candid photographs are often the most expressive and loved (especially at weddings), it could be hit or miss when we’ve only got an hour or so during a portrait session where the only reason you are there is to have your photograph taken.

Of course, the other common refrain is:

“I don’t look good in photos.”

Which is what I, as a professional, will prove to be untrue...

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Fortunately, I don’t take everything completely literally, and I understand that what I am actually being told is:

“I don’t want stiff, forced pictures where everyone has a rictus grin and looks like they are about to face a firing squad.”

This type of photography seems to have been (un)popular in the 1970s and 80s, and many of my clients have terrible memories of being taken for staid and stuffy photographs when they were children (and I sympathise; been there, done that…).

And dear god, I don’t do that. I definitely do ‘pose’ my subjects in front of my camera - carefully, deliberately and specifically to make them look their best. And - because of the connotations - I don’t call it posing (even though that is exactly what it is): I ‘guide’ people… Most people know to stand tall, breathe in, put their weight on one leg (generally, the one furthest from the camera), but I’ll help pull this all together to make you look amazing!

So, don’t think of posing as a bad thing. Embrace it! You’ll look and feel all the better for it.

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