Living in a box...

We'ev been a little quiet online recently. But we've been beavering away behind the scenes, and now we are ready to announce our exciting new event.

On Sunday 25th February, we have a one-day-only studio day with a difference. Our brand new, just built White Box.

What's that?

Thanks for asking! It's our latest way to have the most fun in a photography session, and get some amazing images. The only limit is your imagination...

To be a part of our first ever White Box Session, just click on this link and book. As it's our launch, we'll offer you not only a complimentary session but we'll also include a framed 8" image of your choice.

The sessions are 45 minutes long and will take place at our studio for-the-day at Linden Hall Community Centre, Hampton. After the session, we'll arrange a time for your viewing so you can see the amazing photographs and choose those you want!

Book now, before the sessions are gone.

And now in local news...

Meet the team - Susie