A wedding at The Lensbury Hotel, Teddington

It’s been a fine month or so, and now that I’ve shot my last wedding for the season (I do have availability in late December if anyone is a little behind on their planning and realises they need a photographer!), thoughts turn to next year.

With that in mind, if you’re looking for a venue for your wedding in west London, you could do a lot worse than The Lensbury Hotel. It has all the amenities you need (including, being a hotel, accommodation onsite), but more strikingly it is situated right on the river and has beautiful gardens and open space.

So why the plug? Well, I’ve been doing some work with the team there this year, and it’s hard to imagine a more committed and professional group to help you organise your big day. We did a shoot late last month to show off some of the new room decor (see the accompanying pictures), and it was great to see the effort and pride put into the preparation by the team. We even had a beautiful couple, volunteered from the hotel staff, to get ‘married’ - and a beautiful couple they made (for the day).

And, of course, I had the opportunity to shoot a great ‘wedding’ in the hotel and its grounds. I can’t wait to do it again (with a real couple)!

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