An event with intent


You're hosting an event, showing off your wonderful company to your potential customers. You've micromanaged every aspect of their experience. It looks wonderful. A couple of quick iPhone snaps later, forward it to a couple of colleagues. Stick it on your website, maybe LinkedIn and Facebook. Job done...


What a waste! How much time did you spend planning this? How much money have you (or your client) spent on it? How much stress over the details, the invitations, the guests, the speakers, the A/V, the marketing? For what? The warm glow of accomplishment and a relaxing, celebratory drink (which, admittedly, is one of the best work-related feelings possible)?

What about, instead of a couple of OKish phone shots, having a library of pin-sharp, on-brand professional images of the event? Images you could use in a press release or for advertising your next event; images that show off your (or your clients') professionalism, how you can fill a venue, how happy your delegates are.


Considering the costs of staging an event - during a discussion with the organisers at a meeting we covered recently, we estimated the delegate logistic costs alone at upwards of £100k - why not make an investment in the future success by taking professional photographs?


And our pitch? We understand events from both the organisational and photographic end. We know how to get the best images. Most importantly, we understand how to help you achieve your long-term goals - we work with you to understand your brand, your event aims, and how you want to communicate your success afterwards. We apply this to create the bespoke images you need to show off your event to your audience.

If you're planning an event, for yourself or for a client - whether a product launch, seminar, conference, AGM, staff party or just for fun - visit our event minisite and drop us a line. We'd love to talk!

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