The photo doctor (or rather, photos of doctors)

Last weekend I got to combine two of my passions (and two of my careers…) - science and photography. We are currently (if you are reading this between when I write it and the 20th of March 2016, that is) in the middle of Cambridge Science Festival. This is, as its name might suggest, a science festival in Cambridge. During the week, there are lectures (mostly aimed at an older audience); but at the weekends, it’s more hands on and aimed for kids as well as adults. Which is obviously far more fun.

I had great fun (and managed a fair amount of exercise) flitting among the various sites around Cambridge, half listening to lectures (encompassing nazi rocket scientists, dragon-related creation myths, dinosaurs and four-legs-good-two-legs-bad discussions of efficient movement) and watching families play with beads, bean bags, jelly and more (representing DNA, glucose and brains, among others).

I can’t wait to see how my images are used (and hopefully encourage more people to go along and have fun / learn / make a mess). I sadly didn’t have the chance to play on this visit, but I’ll be taking my little ones next year. And if you can get there this coming weekend I thoroughly recommend it.

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