Brushing away the tumbleweed

Hello! It seems to be February already... I'm not sure how that happened. But although it's been quiet on the blog, it definitely hasn't been quiet in the studio, in the park, or on location.

What it has been is: fun, exhausting, entertaining, inspiring and then more fun. Even the little girl who wouldn't say a single word to me for an hour was amazing in front of the camera. (She did high five at the end of the session and wave goodbye, so she did enjoy it. And why should she want to speak to me?!)

So what's planned? More outdoors, as the winter recedes. More in the studio for when another day of rain is too much to bear. Parties, events, weddings, headshots (for businesses, actors and anyone who wants a picture that stands out from the bland DIY) and even some photographs of things that aren't people...

Whatever you are looking for in your pictures, drop us a line and we'll guarantee you the most fun and the least fuss that photography can offer.

New baby? Save money! Get amazing photographs!

And with that... Merry Christmas!