A head in the cloud


There are lots of photographers out there. Your phone has enough processing power to take a great picture in most situations. You - or someone in your family - probably has a ‘proper’ camera. And anyway, you hate having your picture taken.

So why would you want us to take your photographs?

Well, this year we’ve been asking our clients how they felt we’d done. And we received some fantastic feedback. Everybody said they’d recommend us to a friend. 82% gave us 5 stars (out of 5!), and the remainder gave us 4.

We also asked for three words to sum up the experience. And we’re delighted that the most popular response was exactly what we say we’ll do: make photography FUN. You can see in the word cloud what else people said about us (we’re assuming that the whole experience was ‘simple’, rather than us, but who knows…), but we’ll keep making our sessions fun, the images beautiful and the process simple.

[Once a scientist, always a scientist, so let me channel my inner Nate Silver: these responses were obviously collated from clients who had time to and agreed to fill in the feedback form, and weren’t necessarily anonymous. Then again, there was no reward for providing feedback, so we like to think they represent the truth! Why not try us and find out?!]

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