Frequently Asked Questions


It’s a lonely thing, sitting in our office in between sessions, lovingly editing your images. So we make up conversations in our heads, like this one that should answer all of your questions. (If not, drop us a line here…)

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I have a camera. Why should I use a professional photographer?

Good question. Then again, I’ve got a Sabatier knife and Le Crouset pans, and I’m definitely not Heston Blumenthal… As professional photographers, we’ll use our years of experience to create images that are natural, beautiful and creative – something you can’t do yourself. And definitely something you can’t do yourself and have you in the photograph yourself.

Beyond the experience, we have access to the best professional print laboratories, framers, album makers and the like to ensure that you can show off your images in the finest possible way. To steal someone else’s company name: not on the high street.

Fine, so why you?

Fun. Simplicity. Beauty (our images, not necessarily our team. Although that too). We like to think we create the most amazing photographs, but your experience will be more than that. From booking to delivery, we make the process as easy, fun and friendly as possible. Don’t just take our word for it.


Almost all of our sessions are on location. That means out in the park, at your home, on the streets – preferably somewhere that means something to you. Mostly (and definitely on weekends) that’s within ~10km of Hampton, TW12 – but we do travel further for special occasions. And for some promotions, when requested, and once in a while just for the hell of it, we head to the studio (or set our studio up somewhere that isn’t normally a studio) and have fun there.

But my family isn’t your typical 2.4 children. What about our dog? Our budgerigar? My mum?!

Bring everyone. The more the merrier. As long as we can get everyone and everything to a suitable location, why not. Note that neither we, nor anyone else, can control your cat: he will do what he wants, when he wants.

OK, but I hate having my photograph taken…

This is where our special witchcraft comes in. We can’t promise to change your mind, but we can promise you – if you listen to use – you will look relaxed, natural and great. For one hour (or so), we’ll help you channel your inner Zoolander. Look into our eyes: you are a supermodel…

Honestly, my children / husband / mother-in-law / pet dragon is a nightmare

So are ours*. We’ve dealt with worse.

What does it cost?

Our standard session fee is £90. But if you promise not to tell anyone, we’ll let you know a secret – we often run promotions in our blog / on our Facebook page. If you drop us a line, we’ll probably even give the game away and tell you what we have on!

Beyond the session, we pride ourselves on delivering our photographs to display them in the best possible way. Photographs need to be seen, and look best (by far) when printed. A quality print will last generations, and the only hardware needed to view it are your eyes. We offer styles and sizes for all homes, starting at £85 for framed desk prints and £275 for stunning wall art.

OK you've convinced me. How do I book?

That’s very simple. Contact us here and we’ll walk you through every step!


*Personal safety disclaimer. Ours are wonderful. All the time.